JOURNAL ENTRY: Wednesday 24 May 2017

I am grateful for all that I am and all that I have.


JOURNAL ENTRY: Monday 16 January 2017

Tradition 1: Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon SAA unity.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Wednesday 04 January 2017

I know that I must understand my past before the future can be truly a place of dreams.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Tuesday 03 January 2017

Humbly asking my Higher Power to remove my shortcomings helps restore my feelings by restoring my sense of myself.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Monday 02 January 2017

Honesty is hard for me, but I am learning to think and speak fearlessly about my addiction and its crippling effects on my life.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Sunday 01 January 2017

There is nothing to fear in solitude. I may feel alone, but I never am.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Monday 05 December 2016

Keep calm and celebrate responsibly.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Sunday 04 December 2016

Don't make me angry. You won't like me when i'm angry.