JOURNAL ENTRY: Thursday 4 February 2016

It is said that a picture may speak a thousand words...


JOURNAL ENTRY: Tuesday 2 February 2016

i am the paradox

This is why I have returned from that special place, so I can offer my healing to the world.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Monday 1 February 2016

Today will be the day that I hold on to that feeling of achievement, self-esteem and determination.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Thursday 28 January 2016

I embrace the process of healing, learning and growing

A time of gratitude

The world is a dangerous place. Not because of those who do evil but because of the good people that stand by and let it happen.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Monday 09 November 2015


Thank the maker

JOURNAL ENTRY: Monday 13 July 2015

Right now, I just need a few days to myself so that I can continue to practise being in the moment.