JOURNAL ENTRY: Monday 02 January 2017

Honesty is hard for me, but I am learning to think and speak fearlessly about my addiction and its crippling effects on my life.


JOURNAL ENTRY: Friday 08 July 2016

To be whole, is to be completely transparent.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Thursday 28 April 2016

Mind: a beautiful servant, a dangerous master

Th1ng can change EVERYTH1NG

JOURNAL ENTRY: Wednesday 27 April 2016

Hi, I'm Dan

Silence is a source of great strength.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Friday 22 April 2016

begin with the end in mind

Remember why you started

JOURNAL ENTRY: Monday 18 April 2016

Is this the real life or is this just fantasy?

JOURNAL ENTRY: Wednesday 03 Febrary 2016

Hi, I'm Dan

Today I AM better, again 🙂

JOURNAL ENTRY: Tuesday 2 February 2016

i am the paradox

This is why I have returned from that special place, so I can offer my healing to the world.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Thursday 28 January 2016

I embrace the process of healing, learning and growing