JOURNAL ENTRY: Wednesday 30 August 2017

Life begins at 40?


JOURNAL ENTRY: Friday 12 August 2016

This 'road less travelled' appears to be endless.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Tuesday 19 April 2016


For I know the plans I have for you

JOURNAL ENTRY: Monday 29 February 2016

Today is a gift, that's why we call it the present 😉

JOURNAL ENTRY: Sunday 31 January 2016

The potential to change the world comes from the ability to change yourself.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Thursday 28 January 2016

I embrace the process of healing, learning and growing

JOURNAL ENTRY: Thursday 02 July 2015

Because I am now listening to my own advice, I am finding that I am also open to listening to the advice of others.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Wednesday 10 June 2015

As long as you are honest then you will get all that you need. The universe has a way of rewarding the brave and punishing the ignorant.