JOURNAL ENTRY: Wednesday 30 November 2016

There is no shame in honesty, only dishonesty.


JOURNAL ENTRY: Sunday 23 October 2016

When I listen I learn, but when I speak I just repeat what I already know.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Thursday 21 April 2016

I seek only humility and the courage to be vulnerable

JOURNAL ENTRY: Monday 22 February 2016

There is no shame in honesty, only dishonesty.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Saturday 30 January 2016

I'm ripping up the rule book from now on and going back to doing things my way.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Thursday 28 January 2016

I embrace the process of healing, learning and growing

JOURNAL ENTRY: Monday 09 November 2015


Thank the maker

JOURNAL ENTRY: Friday 12 June 2015

I'm an addict for life and I'm loving it.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Thursday 11 June 2015

I can achieve or do anything I want with my life for as long as I don't drink.