JOURNAL ENTRY: Wednesday 10 June 2015

As long as you are honest then you will get all that you need. The universe has a way of rewarding the brave and punishing the ignorant.


JOURNAL ENTRY: Tuesday 09 June 2015

My blind spot is that I'm a bit rubbish at admitting that there is anything wrong with me and thus I do not ask for help.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Monday 08 June 2015

There is something amazing about shared human connections and to begin to feel those again makes me grateful to be alive.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Tuesday 02 June 2015

I might even be so bold as to say that I'm starting to love myself.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Monday 01 June 2015

Note to self: Just keep going back and keep doing the things that are having a positive influence on me at the moment.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Sunday 31 May 2015

I'm not talking about what I WANT to do, I'm just talking about what I NEED to do to look after me.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Saturday 30 May 2015

I want to know who the real me is and I want to love myself for who I am.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Friday 29 May 2015

I know what I need to do to achieve peace. Now all I have to do is action it everyday and integrate it into my life until it becomes second nature again.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Thursday 28 May 2015

I've hit the fuck it button the last couple of days, but instead of acting out or drinking I've been resting, sleeping and fasting. I've done what my body needed rather than what I wanted.