JOURNAL ENTRY: Tuesday 02 January 2018

I think I'm upset that I'm struggling to LET GO of stuff.


JOURNAL ENTRY: Monday 01 January 2018

I'm a little anxious about getting my head down and stuck into a work routine again.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Tuesday 29 August 2017

When I have faith and trust in the universe, everything becomes that little bit easier.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Sunday 01 January 2017

There is nothing to fear in solitude. I may feel alone, but I never am.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Wednesday 07 December 2016

I'm starting to believe that I'm not crazy. It's the world that's gone mad!

JOURNAL ENTRY: Sunday 23 October 2016

When I listen I learn, but when I speak I just repeat what I already know.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Thursday 20 October 2016

Step 1 - Admitted that I am powerless over my thoughts, feels and actions - that my life has become unmanageable.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Friday 12 August 2016

This 'road less travelled' appears to be endless.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Thursday 11 August 2016

Hi, I'm Dan and I'm an alcoholic.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Wednesday 10 August 2016

Would I even know if I was crazy?