JOURNAL ENTRY: Tuesday 03 January 2017

Humbly asking my Higher Power to remove my shortcomings helps restore my feelings by restoring my sense of myself.


JOURNAL ENTRY: Sunday 01 January 2017

There is nothing to fear in solitude. I may feel alone, but I never am.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Thursday 11 August 2016

Hi, I'm Dan and I'm an alcoholic.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Friday 05 August 2016

The Force Awakens

JOURNAL ENTRY: Saturday 23 July 2016

Today's lesson is not that I AM, it's that I CAN.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Monday 16 May 2016

Progress, not perfection.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Saturday 12 March 2016

All I can do right now is pray.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Tuesday 30 June 2015

I wish someone could have taught me how to understand the difference between consciousness and thought from an early age.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Monday 29 June 2015

The idea of actually being able to have a conversation with the manifestation of my Higher Power about the whole experience is rather intriguing to say the least.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Thursday 11 June 2015

I can achieve or do anything I want with my life for as long as I don't drink.