Money… a tool, nothing more, nothing less. Used wisely it will set you free. To understand its true value you must give it all away.


When you need me…

...I'll be there. When you want me, I'll be here.


...we do what we can because we have to. ...we do what we have to because we can.


...emerges in the presence of absolute weakness.

Riches Part 2 of 2

If you honestly do not care about the answer, you are richer than they will ever be!

Sleep… for people who are still sleeping.

Riches Part 1 of 2

If someone says they are richer than you, ask them how much money they have.

Understanding the question is 99% of getting the answer right!

Correction: Understanding the question in its entirety (100%) means the answer is now irrelevant. It’s self-fulfilling!

Do not judge yourself by the standards set by others…

...define your own moral compass.

Live every day as if it is your first…

...on the last day live it as if it was your last.