How to configure a DrayTek Vigor 2850n router to work with BT Infinity and BT YouView

BT Home Hub wireless is SH!TE. In my experience it crashes and reboots randomly and frequently. That's why I swapped my Home Hub 5 Type A out for my DrayTek Vigor 2850n.


JOURNAL ENTRY: Tuesday 02 January 2018

I think I'm upset that I'm struggling to LET GO of stuff.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Monday 01 January 2018

I'm a little anxious about getting my head down and stuck into a work routine again.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Sunday 31 December 2017

I find this holiday season to be particularly draining and irritating.

JOURNAL ENTRY: Saturday 30 December 2017

I've finished my Step 2 and 3 in Co-DA and have begun working Step 4.

Andy Puddicombe

"The truth is, there is just one moment, one after the next. That’s all there is, anything else is an idea." - Andy Puddicombe