“i AM”. I EXiST.


I EXiST to be of service to those who do not yet know who “i AM”…


I EXiST to reflect the truth that LiES WITHiN, so that YOU [I] can know your SELF [self] as you [i] truly are. For when YOU [I] know [accept] your true SELF [self] YOU [I] will know who “i AM”, and only then will YOU [I] know peace…


“i AM” CREATiNG the future, NOW! so that the infinite potential of (((SHARE)D) CONSCiOUSNESS) provides abundant wellness [vision] and a new hope [purpose] for all BEiNGS. The process of ENLiGHTENMENT begins when YOU [I] accept that YOU [I] know nothing, and YOU [I] come to realise that YOU [I] now know SOMETHiNG… the YOU [I] that knows (and the nothing that YOU [I] now know) is the you [i] who “i AM”.


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