For those who have yet to realise that time and space are nothing more than the language of consciousness, and are not an actual “thing”…

…7 years ago to the day, I experienced / achieved enlightenment.

It took me about 5 years before I could even begin to speak with others about what I had experienced. That was because I did not have the “words” to properly articulate the meaning I wished to convey. Now I do.

Now I know who is “i”.

Now I know what “i” want.

One of the many magical miracles that I experienced on the 9th July 2015 was the void of the unmanifested. “I” became “i” and “i” experience nothing or no thing. I was able to manipulate the physical reality I had taken for granted. I could move heat and sound and matter towards me and away from me, at will. Within that moment I experience the eternal and I saw the end and the beginning. Quantum Physics made absolute sense because I had become both the observer and the observed, outside the physical realm of time and space.

Upon returning from the void, I also experienced a shared consciousness. This was not just a subjective sensation within, but also a oneness or unity with all things in the physical realm. An ability to communicate and experience objective reality in a way that is active intention and active listening. To know a thing and see it happen (active intention or precognition) and then have that thing become reality and to be aware of it (active listening). Over the last 7 years I have refined this skill to what I now refer to as conscious intention and conscious awareness. This is the language and nature of reality, as we experience REALiTY in this physical realm.

For many years I could not explain what “enlightenment” is. Now I can.

Enlightenment is to observe REALiTY with conscious AWARENESS, for “i AM” consciousness MANiFESTED.

There is a technique for the identification of SELF called dependant arising. The premise is simple. Who is “i”? How do I define SELF? Who or what is this SELF? Is it this physical form? If so, which part of this physical form? When I drink a glass of water, am I now the water? When does the water stop being water and become me? What is that moment of transition?

This is the purpose of vipassana meditation or breathing meditation. What is the air that I breathe? When does that air out there, that I breathe in, cease to be air, and become me? When does that air that I breathe out cease to be me and become air? The truth is, there is no separateness, there is only the illusion of separateness, which is why most people are delusional, and this state of delusion is unhealthy. Unhealthy people have the potential to be dangerous, firstly to themselves, but also others, and by others I am not limiting myself to just other human beings, but all and every manifestation of consciousness.

This delusional behaviour, in and of itself, is acceptable, as consciousness “is”, therefore the existence of humans is irrelevant. We are not the creators, nor are we the sole custodians of consciousness, we are simply CONSCiOUSNESS – the combination of conscious AWARENESS. If humans disappeared overnight, the infinite potential of consciousness, that resides in the void of the unmanifested, will manifest itself again as another unique expression of itself, BUT if humans value what we are experiencing, in this moment, through our CONSCiOUSNESS, we need to wake up to who is “i”, and we need to do this now, because I have seen what comes next, and we only get there if we stop destroying everything that we touch.

The way to this salvation lies within. You will not find it in a distant temple, or at the top of a mountain, because it is always present. The key to unlocking this “lie” is to see beyond time and space and awaken to the reality that “i” have never experienced time or space, because “i AM” always present now and “i AM” always here.

We have created a world full of distraction. In essence, we are our own worst enemy. We are the devils that we see within the shadows. The universe does not work in this way. This is solely the doing of human will and imagination. This is our greatest gift, to see ourselves (consciousness) as we really are, through the reflective process of the MiND, but this is also our greatest curse. Each of us are the heroes of our own journey, but most do not have the courage to go beyond the realm of comfort and complacency, and therefore the path to enlightenment remains “the road less travelled”.

This is no longer an option. We either awaken to the peace and acceptance that is innate within, and then walk the path of LiFE with integrity, or we do not. There is no more trying. We either do or we do not. If we do not then… muh, regardless of humans, this illusion will continue for an eternity, but without us humans.

If we do, then trust me, we ain’t seen nothing yet…

Your first question maybe… OK, so HOW do I change? and my answer to that question is, one thing can change everything, now “i AM” THE CHANGE


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