There is a storm coming, a black and terrible storm and #WeRAllFucked

I’m not a politician or a journalist, nor do I have a doctorate in science, history or philosophy. This is just one mans opinion on the state of the world and more specifically the United Kingdom (UK).

Let me get straight to the point, #WeRAllFUCKED (We Are All Fucked). Life as we know it will cease very soon and it will end in WAR. I predict several routes to war, but war it will be. Here are my two main doomsday scenarios:

  1. Climate change or Hothouse Earth as it’s now being referred to, which is the single largest existential threat to all life on Earth. It’s real and it’s about to hit epidemic proportions with catastrophic consequences.
  2. Political decay and the rise of bi-polar politics. Centralism (neoliberalism) is dead and the 14 signs of fascism are now present in mainstream western life, thanks mainly to the rise of Donald Trump and Brexit.

The UK and the wider world have a slim hope for sanity with the rise of Jeremy Corbyn and a socialist movement, but make no mistake, neoliberalism has failed. For some reason we’re all waiting for the revolution to be broadcast over mainstream media. Well sorry folks, the revolution will not be televised, and ‘THEY’ are certainly not going to tell ‘US’ that #WeRAllFucked. It would be mass hysteria. You and I are just going to have to work this out for ourselves.

Climate Change

There is more coal in the ground than we know what to do with and fresh reserves of oil and gas, through fracking, are being discovered every day.
I used to believe that the problem would be that we would run out of fossil fuels and that that event would cause a socio-economic revolution.
Now I believe that our planet’s polar ice caps will melt way, way, WAY before we run out of fossil fuels. When that happens, it’s game over. Global weather patterns will shift dramatically, making much of the Earth uninhabitable. There will be a period of extreme heat, where equatorial countries will become barren wasteland, as will much of southern Europe. The United Kingdom will become the new Mediterranean, with hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing the extreme heat.

This is not me scare mongering, this is a reality and it’s why the European Union has literally been spending billions of Euros on increasing its boarder security. They know it’s coming.

We will then shift into another ice age, but the good news is that most of us will be dead by then, so it won’t really matter.

Can this climate catastrophe be avoided?

Maybe if we ALL ACT NOW and I mean globally ALL ACT NOW, but the probability of that happening is so far removed that the likely hood is, WE’RE ALL FUCKED.

So where does the war bit fit into this first Armageddon doomsday scenario? We’ve all seen how bat shit crazy the general populace gets when a snow flake falls to the ground. Just multiply that exponentially… Global trade and travel will fall apart, economies will fail, resources such as food, water and fuel will become scarce and when that happens, the privatised police forces or militia will be there to protect the elites (the 0.1%), whilst the remaining proles (the 99.9%) fight over the scraps.

When we, the proles, fight back, modern warfare tactics will be deployed, and it will signify the beginning of the apocalypse. Drone warfare, chemical and biological weapons, mass extermination, all to ensure that the privileged few and their militia survive the holocaust of a dying world.

In my humble opinion, this scenario is all but guaranteed, I just don’t know when it will happen, but the key performance indicator is when the polar icecaps are all but gone. Once they’re gone, the war to survive the apocalypse begins. With global heating rising at an ever-increasing rate, maybe we have another 5 years, maybe another 20-50 years but the day the ice melts is coming… and then #WeRAllFucked.

Political decay and the rise of bi-polar politics

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realise that the 14 warning signs of fascism are now everyday occurrences in UK society. In case you are unawares, here they are:

  1. Powerful and continuing nationalism
  2. Disdain for Human Rights
  3. Identification of enemies as a unifying cause
  4. Supremacy of the military
  5. Rampant sexism
  6. Controlled mass media
  7. Obsession with national security
  8. Religion and government intertwined
  9. Corporate power protected
  10. Labour power suppressed
  11. Distain for intellectuals and the arts
  12. Obsession with crime and punishment
  13. Rampant cronyism and corruption
  14. Fraudulent elections

I could go through each one and sight examples, but if you’ve got enough common sense and awareness about yourself, you’ll know fascism is on the rise and is becoming mainstream within our political system.

The centrists or neoliberalist policies of the last 30 years have failed. Granted, these policies work very nicely for the elites, but the rest of us proles, well… #WeRAllFucked, THEY just haven’t told US yet.

How can we tell Neoliberalism has failed?

Firstly, there was the small matter of the, ongoing, GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS back in 2008. The establishment fooled many of us in the UK into believing that this crisis was caused by a (New) Labour government.

It was a global financial crisis, check it out, it was on the news and everything. You know, the word GLOBAL means “it was NOT Labour’s fault”!

Secondly, debt is the new form of slavery, THEY just don’t tell US that. (Asset backed) money no longer exists. We live in a world flooded with fiat currency and debt. The drive to digital currency is on full steam ahead. When we can no longer withdraw our cash from our bank because everything is digitalised credit, the threat of a ‘run on the banks’ vanishes, meaning there is no way for us to bring the financial system down. The debt ceiling becomes infinite and we are trapped, forever, within The Matrix.

Thirdly, the stock market continues to rise whilst interest rates remain none existent along with austerity and public service cuts. The elites are making a lot of money, because the stock market keeps going up, but us Proles are worse off now than we were 10 years ago.

Enough of the failings of neoliberalism, it’s failed and we proles secretly know it. Rather than find fault with our elitist establishment masters, we turn on each other, because that’s what the fascist mainstream media tell us to do and THEY are actively promoting it.

Terrorism, racism, sexism, nationalism, immigration are all far right tactics to control us into believing that the problems THEY created are the fault of US, the minorities, the migrants, the immigrants, the benefit scoundrels, the disabled etc.

The elites know that #WeRAllFucked from climate change, so they are making damn sure we’re all distracted and fighting each other, whilst they consolidate their assets and hide away in their vast private empires.

But things are always equal. As centralist politics decays, the far-right rises and the left awakens. We accept that most of today’s politicians lie, and that mainstream journalism is complicit with their lies. Many of us, who have become dependent on the mainstream media to tell us what to think, no longer question these lies.

Centrists (including the moderate left and the moderate right) want to maintain the illusion of the status quo because they are part of the elitist system that works for them.

The greedy elitist establishment (AKA the extreme right) know that neoliberalism has failed. Like all good addicts, THEY want to continue to up the ante, which is where their motivation for Brexit comes in. They want to continue to extend the gap between the rich and the poor, believing that their version of crony capitalism is the answer to ever greater prosperity. Of course, it is, for them… THEIR tactics… the age-old divide and conquer, them and us, you vs me. Roll on fascism.

Then there is the ‘extreme’ left, which isn’t extreme at all, that’s just how the fascist media portray socialism. Socialism is just common sense. Socialism is the fair and honest redistribution of wealth, social justice, equality, things that any peace-loving society should aspire to.

In my humble opinion and I’m open to suggestions on this, but a socialist (or a spiritual) revolution is THE ONLY HOPE this world has to change its ways and avoid catastrophic climate change. Through mass investment in green technologies and the liberation of key services, such as water, power, public transport and agriculture back into the hands of the many, rather than the profit hungry billionaires and their giant, greedy shareholder corporations. If the world doesn’t wake up NOW, then #WeRAllFucked.

Some of us know this, which is why we support the likes of Jeremy Corbyn, because he’s a genuine, honest, decent, kind, caring and loving individual, who will work to change the system so that it works for the many (us proles), rather than just the elitist few.

The centre and the right know that a UK socialist Labour government would lead to systemic changes and end their grandiose way of life, so they will fight it to the bitter end.

THEY also know that a UK socialist Labour government could be the spark that lights the fire that will burn down this corrupt, elitist, crony global capitalism that represses the many so that a few can live like kings.

This is where the war bit comes in.

Whilst neoliberal economics continues to fail US, the divide between the elites and the proles increases. Looking for someone or something to blame, fascism reigns supreme with those who feel they have been left behind and forgotten. Fuelled by the racism and fear that is peddled by the mainstream media and our right-wing governments fascist austerity measures, hatred grows.

Now that mainstream fascism is on the rise, where does it end? Is Jeremy Corbyn, or a socialist very much like him, our last best hope for peace in a world on the brink of self-annihilation?

If the flame of hope isn’t lit soon, then I’m afraid hope will die and the world will slip into a period of prolonged darkness.

My major fear is that when the war to overthrow fascism finally begins, drone warfare and advanced weapons technology will end it quicker than we can say rebellion. In effect, there will be no war this time, because we are the enemy at the gate. We are the enemy within. Our culture and our society is so sick that there will be no one left who is strong enough to fight back. Who will come to save us from ourselves? Billions wait idly for the second coming, but we must rise up to save ourselves.

So what do we do? Do we sit back and wait for things to get better? Well no because Brexit and the environmental clock is ticking and time is running out before we jump into bed with Trumps America.

As a UK Labour supporter, my hopes lie with the restoration of our parties’ true socialist democratic values at this year’s conference. Only a mass movement such as Labour and what remains of the unions, stands between a vile and evil fascist #dollarDictatorship that currently enshrouds us and the light of hope and a fairer, cleaner more peaceful world.

In my opinion, this second scenario of war is avoidable.

The People’s Vote or something similar could put a stop to Brexit and turn the tide of fascism in the UK. However, the European Union has its own problems and remaining inside the EU will not overt the climate crisis. It will just delay the inevitable climate war.

A snap general election with a victorious Labour landslide would be enough to see Labours current manifesto implemented, changing the tide and restoring some balance to the system, hopefully promoting wider global changes.

If the above two options don’t play out, the only remaining alternative is a populace rebellion movement, where the people of the UK and hopefully further abroad stand united and reclaim our democracy and planet Earth for all our sakes.

Whatever happens, there is a storm coming, a black and terrible storm. The question is no longer, will we act? the question is WHEN will we act? and the time to act is NOW or #WeRAllFucked!


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