How to configure a DrayTek Vigor 2850n router to work with BT Infinity and BT YouView

BT claim that their wireless broadband is the most reliable on the market. What a load of rubbish! I’ve had BT Infinity for a couple of years, powered by a Home Hub 5 Type A and to be frank, it’s been pretty unreliable. At worst, the Home Hub probably reboots every 30 minutes to an hour. I’ve no idea why it does this, because the administration centre within the Home Hub settings are very limited.

To put it bluntly… the Home Hub is a piece of sh!te. I’ve tried everything that’s configurable through the limited admin settings to try and get it working in some sort of stable fashion, but I’ve finally given up and decided to use my DreyTek Vigor 2850n router instead, as I know this is rock solid. Plus I can now get a whole load more diagnostic information from my Vigor 2850n.

There are a few settings that need configuring to get the BT Infinity broadband and BT YouView working together, so I thought I’d share my endeavours here. I’ll run through the wizards first and then the affected settings afterwards. The following assumes you have just performed a Factory Reset, so unless stated, all settings are default. You do not need to run the wizards, you can configure the few settings manually using the Manual Configuration below.


Quick Start Wizard (BT Infinity Broadband Settings)

  • Click Wizards >> Quick Start Wizard

Enter login password

  • Change your password (if you haven’t already. The default username is: admin and the default password is also: admin)

WAN Interface

  • Select WAN Interface = WAN1
  • Display Name = BT Infinity (optional)
  • Fallback Mode = VDSL only

Connect to Internet

  • Protocol = PPPoE/PPPoA
  • Fixed IP = No (Dynamic IP)
  • VLAN Tag = Enable
  • Tag value = 101


  • Username =
  • Password = leave the password blank

Please confirm your settings

NOTE: You will need to edit WAN >> Internet Access settings to change the values for VPI, VCI and Protocol/Encapsulation. See below.

T-Home IPTV Wizard (BT YouView Settings)

Note: After running the wizard, you still need to configure IGMP Snooping manually, so don’t bother. Just go to the manual settings below.

T-Home IPTV Wizard

  • Enable IPTV Service
  • Username =
  • vlan Setting for VDSL Addtag = 101

Manual Configuration

BT Infinity Broadband Settings

WAN >> General Setup

From a factory reset you will need to navigate to WAN >> General Setup and select WAN1

These are the IMPORTANT SETTINGS – Configure them as per the below screen shot. The settings are:

  • DSL Mode: VDSL only (As we’re not using ADSL there is no need to configure any of the ADSL settings, so you can leave them all as default.)
  • VLAN Tag insertion (VDSL): ENABLE
  • Tag value: 101

WAN >> Internet Access

Next go to WAN >> Internet Access and make sure the Access Mode for WAN1 is set to PPPoE/PPPoA and then click WAN1 Details Page.

  • Make sure PPPoE/PPPoA is ENABLED

ISP Access Setup

  • Service Name = leave the service name blank
  • Username =
  • Password = leave the password blank

See also: Setting up the Vigor 2850 to connect to BT Infinity

BT YouView Settings (IGMP)

Applications >> IGMP

Click Applications >> IGMP and select Enable IGMP Proxy for WAN1 and Enable IGMP Snooping.

Note: If you don’t enable IGMP Snooping, your network will become flooded with broadcast traffic when you start streaming your BT Sport channels. It will appear as if your broadband network has crashed, it hasn’t, but you may need to manually configure your clients IP settings, in order to reconnect to the Admin console, in order to enable IGMP Snooping. Alternatively, turn off or unplug the YouView box until you have enabled IGMP Snooping.

That’s it. You should now be connected to the Internet and your YouView box should stream your BT Sport channels and have access to your media players such as Netflix and iPlayer.


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