I am grateful to my master, who over the years has subtly focused my attention towards the mental illusion or delusion of love and revealed to me the true experience and knowledge of authentic #LOVE.

Do you know #LOVE?

Allow me to begin by explaining the concept of spiritual oneness, this will open your Being to a new understanding of #LOVE and may even bring about the experience of enlightenment.

It is said that there is no greater bond than that of a mother and her child, which is understandable when you stop for a moment and question at what point a child actually manifest as an individual Being.
At birth, a female is born with her lifetime supply of fully developed eggs. In essence, this means that the grandmother originally created the egg that would eventually become the grandchild. The grandchild or more precisely, the potential for a grandchild, was manifested with the birth of the grandmothers daughter. This is the ‘holy’ trinity of life. All things are three and all things are one (ON:3) This is how quantum physics works.
During fertilisation, the sperm activates the life cycle within the female egg, but from that point on, the embryo is the mother. There is no separation, only continuity of change. The egg becomes an embryo, the embryo becomes a fetus and the fetus, at some point is born and becomes a person. When did mother and child become seperate entites?
What I am illustrating here is known as ‘Dependent Designation’. Our experience of an individual ‘self’ (EGO) clouds our perception of reality, so much so, that even when an unborn fetus remains attached and a whole part of the mother, our minds tend to see the mother and fetus as separate. They are not. They are one.
After birth, when the umbilical cord is cut, we perceive the baby as a unique individual, which is of course correct. However, the child is part of the mother. The mother is a dependent part of the child. No mother = no child. The child can only exist because the mother existed. This is known as Dependent Arising. Nothing exists in isolation. (This is also correct. #NOTHING is the only thing that exists in isolation, but the human mind cannot perceive the absence of #SOMETHING. This is the void of the unmanifested. More on that shortly.)
Throughout pregnancy, childbirth and beyond, there is one component of both the mother and the child that remains absolutely constant throughout life. This constant is #CONSCIOUSNESS.

((we all ((share)d)) consciousness)

Consciousness is the essence of the non-changing self. Our levels of awareness may change, but our consciousness remains ever present. Even when we are unaware of consciousness (unconscious), we must still have consciousness in order to remain in existence.
A tree MUST have consciousness, otherwise, how am I able to be conscious of the tree? Consider this for a moment… Is it my consciousness, the tree’s consciousness or do we both share the same consciousness within and without, just with differing levels of awareness (perception and interpretation)?

The truth of reality is #CONSCIOUSNESS. There is only one consciousness and we all share it.

Others refer to consciousness in different ways, but everyone is essentially explaining their perception and interpretation of consciousness. For example; Christians would refer to it as ‘The Holy Spirit’, Buddhism refers to it as ‘The Buddha nature’, Eckhart Tolle speaks of ‘The Void Of The Un-manifested’, others call it ‘The Listener’ or ‘The Watcher’. Many others unknowing refer to it as ‘God’. Ironically many are searching for ‘God’ out there. We all carry ‘God’ within us. When you quieten the mind sufficiently, you begin to experience your authentic self and in so doing, you begin to knowing experience ‘God’.

What is the #MEANING of #ACCEPTANCE?

The egoic mind will fight and resist this truth, because it believes its purpose is to ‘run the show’, but you do not die when you are asleep nor do you vanish when meditating. Think back to your birth, when did you come into individual existence? By the same logic, you (your authentic self) will not cease to exist at the end of your physical existence. This is the eternal life that many holy people have spoken of previously.
When the mind is still and inactive, something remains. Something persistent and consistent, without thought, without feeling, without action. This is your authentic self. Within this empty #VOID lies the #PEACE and grace of ‘God’ aka #CONSCIOUSNESS.

Silence is a source of great strength
– Lao Tzu

Quantum physics tries to explain the singular nature of reality through the observation of wave particle duality. Do you see the paradox in that statement? Allow me to use the example of conception again to simplify quantum physics.

There is only a wave/particle potential there is no such thing as a wave and/or a particle.

MALE = Particle – Particle manifests wave (sperm)
FEMALE = Wave – Wave manifests particle (egg)

The quantum universe exists outside of the perception of space and time, because that’s all space and time are, #PERCEPTION. They do not actually exist as individual constructs, they are wholly dependent on the observer. Dependent arising and dependent designation.

Fortunately in our known physical reality, we (our EGO) perceives change as the passing of time. This allows us to treat ourselves as the fundamental (wave/particle) building blocks of reality.

MALE = Particle – Particle manifests wave (sperm)
FEMALE = Wave – Wave manifests particle (egg)

#LIFE appears to be created – to exist – and to cease to exist over a period of moments that we perceive as seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years etc. There is only a single #MOMENT. There is no time.

#REALITY, as we experience it in human form, is simply a metaphor for what we cannot easily see at the level of quantum mechanics or the fundamental nature of reality or our shared universe.

#QUANTUM MECHANICS is simply un-manifested or pure #CONSCIOUSNESS. This is why there is no formula to explain it. Once you find the answer, the answer shifts and becomes something else. Only the enlightened mind can see this paradox and understand it, because it has experienced a reality that is more real than the egoic mind can comprehend through thought alone.

You can experience this quantum reality for yourself, as I have, through the Void Of The Un-manifested. Eckhart Tolle more than adequately describes his experience of the #VOID in his book, The Power of NOW. If you seek enlightenment, I highly recommend you start looking inwards and look to aswer two questions:

  • Who AM I?
  • What do I want?

Once you see reality as a singular expression of your own innate consciousness, #LOVE is free to manifest itself without reservation. Only then will you know #LOVE.



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