NOTHiNG stays the same

“Milarepa had searched everywhere for enlightenment, but could find no answers – until one day, he saw and old man walking slowly down a mountain path, carrying a heavy sack. Immediately, Milarepa sensed that this old man knew the secret he had been desperately seeking for many years.

“‘Old man, please tell me what you know. What is enlightenment?’

“The old man smiled at him for a moment, and swung the heavy burden off his shoulder, and stood straight.

“‘Yes, I see!’ cried Milarepa. ‘My everlasting gratitude. But please, one question more. What is after enlightenment?’

“Smiling again, the old man picked up the sack once again, slung it over his shoulder, steadied his burden, and continued on his way.”

If you have experienced Being enlightened then you will have entered into the realm of the unmanifested, which is also know as the void, the abyss or simply NOTHING. This is the source of all creation and is where the peace and grace of God resides. Everything manifests from here. It is the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega.

It is impossible for the human mind to comprehend NOTHING, because it is a living organ that is perceived as physically something. The only way to understand NOTHING is to experience NOTHING. Once the mind has witnessed NOTHING through the eye of consciousness, it can not longer argue with itself. There is peace. The Buddha described enlightenment as “the end of suffering”.

So consider this statement:

NOTHING stays the same

From a pre-enlightened perspective, this statement conveys a meaning of change. It does this because the mind cannot comprehend NOTHING. Therefore it’s only frame of reference is something. Something must be constantly changing, because nothing ever stays the same.

Now consider the same phrase from an enlightened perspective. If we know what NOTHING is, then of course it stays the same. It is ever present in a continuous state of nothingness. It never changes. It is Present. It is NOW.

This is the paradox of enlightenment.

EVERYTHING changes, yet EVERYTHING stays the same.

This is the beginning of wisdom.

I know NOTHING. I now know SOMETHING.


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