Do you have the power?

I do not believe that power exists. It is my understanding that what many humans refer to as power, is a misguided interpretation of energy.

Power as a human concept is something that was created by those who wished to control/manipulate others. Power cannot be achieved, power cannot be taken, power can only be relinquished once the act of deception has been fulfilled and the deceived has been ‘tricked’ into believing that they are less powerful than someone/something else or that they are powerless to act against someone/something else.

We all have free will, yet it is this great illusion that has given a very small minority almost complete control over the world population. Most humans are almost completely oblivious to what ‘free will’ really is. There is a misconceived notion that having a choice at the subconscious level, is the same thing as the awareness of conscious free will.

I would argue that very few humans are even aware of the true nature of consciousness.

The concept of ‘physical matter’ is very similar in this respect to power. Matter does not exist, it is purely the illusion of perception and the interpretation of our existence, relative to ourselves and to others. This reality that we inhabit, that we refer to as ‘the universe’ is a construct of energy, which is ultimately the manifestation of a single ‘LIGHT’ particle.

This is the quantum paradox of the 50/50 probability of a particle and wave existing as one yet the observer only every being able to observe the phenomenon as either a wave or a particle in a single moment. Never both simultaneously.

In short, the ‘LIGHT’ particle is travelling at the speed of LIGHT (not the speed of a LIGHT wave), thus it is everywhere relative to itself, in every conceivable instance, in an infinite combination of infinite possibilities, all in the same moment. The LIGHT particle is therefore oblivious to the concept of ‘time’ and it is also oblivious to the concept of space. The LIGHT particle is everywhere and is everything. Image, if you are able to image, yourself as this LIGHT particle. The universe, as we understand it, would be in a constant state of existence/non existence in an eternal moment. Both matter and anti-matter. Nothing and everything.

How do you perceive yourself in this constant state of both nothing and everything in a single moment?

Once the LIGHT particle has been everywhere, in an instant, it must then avoid itself, if it is to continue to exist and evolve, because matter cannot occupy the same ‘space’ at the same ‘time’. Therefore the LIGHT particle becomes a LIGHT wave(s), in order to dance around itself. At this moment, energy, in the form that we can perceive, is born and the universe that we know today is created. This is commonly referred to as ‘the BIG bang’. As the energy waves begin to fill the space/time paradox that the LIGHT particle has created, so the amplitude and the wavelength of the LIGHT waves begins to change. As this happens, the illusion of what we perceive as matter is created and the theory of relativity become reality.

If the above makes any kind of sense, then you may share my understanding of power as an illusion created by those who wish to control and manipulate.

However, the word power still has meaning within human language and within the human understanding of reality, but in my reality, I only refer to power in the form of energies. So for example; the power of reflection; the power of spirit, the power of mind; the power of will; the power of awareness; the power of attraction; the power of intention; the power of intuition and so on and so forth.

Neither do I subscribe to a notion of positive or negative. I prefer the interpretation of equal, evolution and attraction. This context places everything on a scale of energy, growth and transformation. If you like it may be easier to understand this in the form of high energy waves and low energy waves. They are both waves, with equal properties, but one is of a greater amplitude than the other. They are the same, but different, only separated by the virtue of the dance they perform.

This is how the enlightened mind views human beings. As equal. We are all made of the same ‘stuff’. We are all unique, yet we all share one thing in common and this is consciousness.

We may all have different thoughts, some of us may all have similar thoughts.
We may all look different, some of us may look similar.

What ultimately unities us is our ability to witness our own existence through the awareness of conscious awareness or more simply put, just: CONSCIOUSNESS.

The ability to understand consciousness and the ability of understanding that we all share consciousness and the implication of shared consciousness is what leads, in my experience, to enlightenment.

The truth of our existence is not to be found in our uniqueness. It is found in our commonality, of which there is only one consciousness and therefore only one singular truth.

Here is the paradox:

We are all viewing the same thing, but we are all viewing it from a different perspective.
We are all view something different, but we are all view it from the same perspective.

In essence, we all believe we are ‘seeing’ something different, but that is because we believe we are ‘seeing’ it through our senses. There is only one constant in reality and that is the one who is watching how we are interpreting our senses.

This is the path of the enlightened and is the path that unlocks the mystery, wonder and curiosity of the very nature of existence.

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One Reply to “Do you have the power?”

  1. Interesting observations. Some parts I was like a kid with his finger stuck up his nose going ‘HUH! II think I got the gist of what you are saying. It’s interesting how you use the phrase equal as opposed to positive and negative. Look forward to reading more of your posts. Yes, life and how we experience it is all about perspective

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