Who is I?

I am. I exist.

I am my conscious-self. I (conscious-self) am aware of 3 different states of mind:

  • I am (conscious-self)
  • I have a mind which consists of:
    • My personality
    • My ego
    • My alter-ego

Self-awareness is awareness of the difference between who is talking (the mind) and who is listening (the conscious-self).

  • The conscious-self only ever listens, it never speaks
  • The mind only ever talks, it never listens

We perceive ourselves as different but I (conscious-self) knows ‘we’ are the same. I am consciousness. We share consciousness. We do not have consciousness in common. We are consciousness.

  • My mind is different to your mind and that makes our minds unique
  • I (conscious-self) exists to choose when to listen to my mind, our consciousness is the same thing

I only think my consciousness is different to everyone else’s consciousness. What I (conscious-self) knows and what my mind think are not the same thing. I become self-aware when I become aware of this difference.

I am my conscious-self

I am my conscious-self. I am aware. I do not think I am aware, I know I am aware. There is a difference.

I, (conscious-self) never speak, I only listen. I am aware of intention. I am guided by my connection with the universal-consciousness, for I am the universe.

I can increase and maintain my awareness of I (conscious-self) through meditation. I make mindful choices.

Quantum physics tries to explain my universe, in terms of vibrations of energy which manifest in what I perceive as this physical form. From the perspective of quantum physics, my physical form is really no different from that of the chair I am sitting on or the air that I breathe. Everything is just energy and according to the laws of thermodynamics, energy is neither created nor destroyed, it merely changes form. It exists.

In short, in this moment every ‘thing’ in the universe is both a particle and a wave. There is no past. There is no future. Time is a human concept. It is constructed of the mind in order for the mind to rationalise thought. There is only this moment and this moment is eternal.

It is only when the observer chooses how to observe the ‘thing’ in that moment, as either matter or energy, that the probability of the ‘thing’ being both matter and energy collapses and becomes the intention of the observer. I manifest my reality.

I have read Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’. I am aware of being present in this moment. Present is a state of being. It is not a state of mind.

I am the universe made manifest.

I have a mind

My mind is devious and cunning. My mind likes to think it is in control. My mind talks to itself a lot about being in control. My mind does not listen.

When I am conscious and aware I am listening. I acknowledge that my mind is simply the storage device for constructs that help my physical form perceive and interpret this reality.

I have a mind. I am not my mind.

My mind has 3 perspectives on reality:

  • My personality – my experiences
    • My ego – my beliefs
      • My alter-ego – my desires

The deeper I allow my mind to control my thoughts, the more deluded my reality becomes.

My personality

My personality is everything that my mind knows to be true because my mind has personally experienced it. It is my internal knowledge system based on my physical existence in the universe.

For example, if I (conscious-self) place my hand into a flame my mind learns that my body feels pain and my hand gets burned.

This knowledge helps guide my thoughts, feelings and actions and my mind becomes more aware of the consequences of its thoughts, feelings and actions. As my awareness increases I (conscious-self) become aware that I have a choice to be more responsible for my thoughts, feelings and actions.

I (conscious-self) am not my thoughts, feelings and actions. I (conscious-self) witness and experience the consequences of my mind having thoughts, which lead to my body having feelings and those thoughts and feelings manifesting themselves as actions.

My ego

My ego is everything that my mind chooses to believe. My ego is my mind’s internal belief system. It is based on what my mind has been told. It is what my mind thinks is true, not what I (conscious-self) know is true. There is a difference.

I (conscious-self) can never experience a belief, I can only witness the thought of my mind’s belief. My mind can only have faith in the belief’s existence. A belief cannot be manifested as a physical reality.

For example, my mind has to believe my parents when they tell me that the flame is hot and if my hand gets too close to it, it will get burned. My mind has to make a choice as to how to interpret this information. I (conscious-self) have no actual experience of flames or getting burned at this point because my personality has no first hand experience. Doubt arises. Does my mind trust my parents or not? My previous experience will guide that thought process to its logical conclusion. However, doubt will always continue to exist in the mind because I (conscious-self) do not believe. I (conscious-self) only know.

At some point my personality will become curious and eventually place my hand near the flame so that I can experience the burning sensation for myself. (When we accept this truth our mind realises that it is pointless to try to control others, we can only help guide them to experience life in a safe way.)

Personal experience counts. Beliefs counts for nothing.

I am. I exist.

There is nothing more. There is nothing less.

My alter-ego

My alter-ego is the persona that my mind creates in order to help it survive. It is the part of me that presents itself to the world in order to be accepted, according to the values of the society and/or culture that my mind participates in.

Believing oneself to be different from everyone else is a trick played by the ego and alter-ego. Self serving statements such as ‘I am unique’, ‘I am better than everyone else’, ‘No one else feels like I do’. These are all figments of the imagination and the ego and the alter-ego.

I (conscious-self) am the same as everyone else. I am everyone else. I am. I exist.

I am the universe made manifest.

Who is I?

I (conscious-self) am. My mind exists. My mind is not aware of its existence. I am.


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