“i AM”

"i AM". I EXiST.

“i AM”. I EXiST.

The deliberate use of “lower case” within “UPPER CASE” is to create an expanded dimension of meaning within an existing construct of the written word. The intention is to invite curiosity, leading to the revelation of the ENLiGHTENED SELF.

By demonstrating how a new concept can arise from within an existing construct, greater clarity of objective REALiTY arises, leading to an expanded awareness of how the observer perceives and interprets REALiTY subjectively.

The intended meaning of:

  • “lower case” is to exclusively denote and represent “consciousness” (i.e. Quantum Reality)
  • “UPPER CASE” is to exclusively denote and represent “MANIFEST PHYSICAL REALITY” (i.e. Newtonian Reality)

Taking an existing statement, such as “I am, I exist” and integrating the “lower case” within the “UPPER CASE” creates an expanded dimension of meaning, like so:

  • i AM. I EXiST.

“i AM” validates my existence in every aspect of BEiNG and represents the combination of “conscious AWARENESS” or the “observation of OTHER”.

  • i = consciousness

“I EXiST” builds on the “i AM” by placing the emphasis on the PHYSICAL, whilst denoting and representing that consciousness is ever present within all PHYSICAL aspects of BEiNG.

  • EXiST = PHYSICAL REALITY MANIFESTING from within (arising from consciousness)

Physical REALITY manifesting into existence from conscious reality can be expressed as:

  • reality = consciousness = REALITY

To simplify the equation, based on the expanded dimension of meaning described above, can be expressed as:

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